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About Us

PARS MAHARAT Company has been one of the most well-known manufacturers of hydraulic components in the field of industrial production since , 1987

PARS MAHARAT Company, as a manufacturer of hydraulic components, going through the early stages of production, is today regarded as a leading designer in the hydraulic components industry

PARS MAHARAT Company utilizes technological achievements and modern machinery and equipment and relies on experienced technical personnel to produce hydraulic components such as directional control valve, pressure control valves, flow control valves, rectifier valves and landing plate

Rely on Quality Management All our products are marketed with long-term warranty and after-sales service

Our products are used in industries such as agriculture, shipbuilding and road industry in cranes, winch jacks, machinery making. By improving the design and quality control of products, PARS MAHARAT company seeks to achieve goals such as delivering the best quality products, enhancing work efficiency, accessing global markets and achieving consumer satisfaction